Legitimate organic plant based proteins produced in the USA cost 4 times as much as the “organic” stuff from China that the rest of the industry uses and is too expensive to be profitable. We proudly spend over TWICE as much on plant-based protein produced in the USA that isn’t certified organic, for 2 reasons:

  1. We don’t believe the “USDA Organic” stuff from China is even organic (due to manufacturers falsifying documents).
  2. The proteins we use from the USA are so much cleaner, more pure, less sodium, and overall healthier. They don’t have any history of heavy metal contamination unlike the “organic” products from China.

It starts with seed, then the crop, and then the manufacturing process. If a plant grows in an area with pollution, the air and the water will be contaminated with heavy metals that run off in the soil and get into the crop. If the water used in the manufacturing process is contaminated with heavy metals, it will also add into the final product. This is why there has been a history of heavy metal contamination in plant based protein products from the major companies who use proteins from industrial regions of China. The farmers and sources within the USA that we work with have integrity and have gained our trust. They also test the cleanest on third party heavy metal tests as opposed to the Chinese products.

Simple. It’s CHEAP. They can claim their product is “organic” at half the cost of using USA non-organic plant proteins.

No. We do ONE thing at NECTIS and one thing only…. we make legitimately the most premium plant based nourishment products on the market without compromise. Selling merchandise isn’t our specialty. We’ll leave that to brands with inferior products marketing a “movement” or “lifestyle” to get sales.

Being that our cost per unit is typically 4 times that of the major brands, our profit margins are too low to go through distributors and retailers. Currently we have to sell consumer direct through our website, Amazon, and boutique health stores. We hope that with growing sales volumes and economies of scale, that will someday change. We would love to be in all of your favorite brick and mortar stores and online retailers.

We probably have the lowest profit margins in the industry. However, it works because 1 person who can accept small margins privately owns us 100%. We don’t have partners, investors, or greedy shareholders hungry for a share of quarterly profit growth like the major brands. We also don’t have nearly the overhead costs of the major brands with 100s of employees and offices around the country.

This might sound crazy, but we don’t actually do brand ambassadorships or pay commissions to “influencers”. We’re proud of the fact that we grow organically through word of mouth from happy customers and health/fitness professionals who know our products are the best. We have plenty of loyal customers who are fitness professionals sponsored by other companies who privately purchase and use our premium products.

We’re happy you clicked on this question! All other companies claim they use the best ingredients because they know the consumer cannot prove otherwise. They know consumers are unaware of the 1000s of ingredient sources around the world and which are good and which are bad.

They also claim to be “transparent” because they actually disclose what ingredients are in their products. WHOOP-DE-DOO!

We are different because we can actually PROVE that we use the best ingredients through TRUE transparency. Not only do we of course list all our ingredients, we actually name the ingredient source companies! We actually tell you the actual plant protein ingredient manufacturer’s name on the product packaging and here on the website! Nobody else does this! If you think we’re wrong, please reach out to one of the other brands and ask them for the “spec sheets” on each individual ingredient in their product, which identifies the actual ingredient manufacturer’s name and country of origin (amongst many other pieces of information). Good luck hearing back from them.



PURIS is the only pea protein that is ecologically grown and produced 100% in the USA. The vast majority of the industry’s pea protein supply comes from China. Aside from PURIS being a lot healthier for you (low sodium and no heavy metal contamination), it is also the smoothest, best absorbing, and cleanest tasting pea protein in the world. It possesses a complete amino profile with an abundance of naturally occurring BCAA’s. It is twice as expensive as the “organic” stuff from China, but we think you’re worth it!

Yes. Not only does PURIS pea protein contain a well-balanced full spectrum amino acid profile, it also contains one of the highest gram for gram protein concentrations (80%). For years other companies have been blending low concentration inferior plant proteins  (hemp, chia seed, quinoa, sachi inchi, etc with 40% or less protein concentrations) with pea or brown rice to “achieve a complete amino acid profile”. However, it’s counterintuitive. We believe if something is the best, use 100% of it and don’t dilute the product with obsolete ingredients.

A very small percentage of consumers have reported bloating and/or nausea due to stevia consumption. However, we just think it tastes bad and prefer to use pure monk fruit extract to sweeten our products.

No. Most other brands use guar and xanthan gum, fillers, creamers, and other emulsifiers to make their protein shakes thicker and creamier. Our PURIS pea is already  smooth and creamy without the use of those ingredients. Gums and emulsifiers have been known to cause bloating and digestive issues.

Yes. We are a plant based nourishment company focused on your health. We will never use any ingredients that contradict that mission.

Yes, multiple times! Each individual ingredient is tested before it gets to our manufacturing facility for heavy metals and microbiological properties. The numbers are then reported on the ingredient’s spec sheet and certificate of analysis. Once the final product has been produced in our manufacturing facility, it is again tested in our laboratories using an Agilent ICPMS system which can detect heavy metals down to “parts per trillion”.  “Parts per million” is typically the standard unit of measurement. It is also again tested for microbiological properties and quarantined before it is released into our inventory for sale.

We always say, “If you’re going to buy a protein shake, BUY A PROTEIN SHAKE.” The PURE is the purest protein shake gram for gram on the market. It is not a “nutrition shake”. We believe micronutrients should be consumed through whole food fruits and vegetables. We think “greens products” and synthetic vitamins and micronutrients are BS.

    1. You can use it as a convenient way to supplement your basic protein needs if your preferred diet isn’t offering you ample protein.
    2. You can use it to tailor your macros if you are trying to take in more protein and less carbs or fat in a certain meal.
    3. You can use it as a post workout recovery shake to rapidly reload your muscles with the protein (amino acids) they need to recover and rebuild.
    4. You can add it to any fruit and vegetable smoothie to add thickness, flavor, and protein.

Disclaimer: We believe as much of your nutrition as possible, micro and macronutrients, should come from whole food sources. The PURE plant protein powder just makes it more convenient and tastier to satisfy your individual protein needs.

TIP* There are a lot of vegetables that are extremely healthy for you that don’t taste so great (kale and beets come to mind in our opinion). We just throw it all in a blender with The PURE to make a super nutrient dense and delicious meal shake!